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Vinita Rashinkar is an author, health and wellness expert, speaker, spiritual counsellor and Tourism and Wellness PR specialist.

The Sri Vidya tradition aims to awaken the power of latent Feminine Energy present in all human beings by combining elements of knowledge, devotion and ritual.

Sri Vidya

Book - Sri Vidya

In the Tantra tradition, the pursuit of enlightenment through Srividya practice is considered the pinnacle of human achievement.

Spiritual practice in Hinduism aims at seeking freedom from suffering and entails some degree of withdrawal from the material world. Sri Vidya, on the other hand offers the promise of both worldly pleasures and material gain (which means it can be practiced alongside a modern-day lifestyle) while keeping  eternal solace /liberation as its ultimate goal.

Studying Sri Vidya requires an understanding of many of the core principles of Hinduism. The book covers about diverse subjects such as Shaktism, Kundalini, Chakras, Karma, Sankhya and Yoga philosophies before embarking on the detailed discussion of Tantra, Mantra and Yantra. A study of Tantra enables the reader to establish the context, understand historical antecedents and also some of the philosophical concepts that get further clarified before exploring the more esoteric planes of the use of sound (Mantra) at both its gross and subtle levels and eventually seek the meaning of the Yantra, its formation, significance and power.

Sri Vidya

Learn all about the Chakras - mystical energy centers that are integral to the ancient Indian traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda.



 The Chakras are inner portals of harmony, linking the physical and spiritual planes, offering a deep and time-tested formula for transformation, abundance and the ability to hack into one’s own power of manifestation.

This book equips you – using simple, everyday language – to harness the potential of the tremendous internal energy pools that lie dormant in the body and help you channelize it and act upon your life purpose by presenting Chakras as a tool for self-development. 

The book delves into concepts such as Sankhya, Yoga philosophies and the Karma doctrine in order to establish the context of how the Chakra energies work.

The author has kept in mind the sensibilities of the modern spiritual seeker and their needs and interests, presenting the information in a non-dogmatic and practical manner, thereby allowing everyone an opportunity to learn and experience the benefits of the awakening the Chakra energies.


Discover how a 12,000-year-old mystical symbol holds the key to awakening your deepest inner potential and enhancing your powers of manifestation.​

Sri Chakra Yantra

Online Sri Chakra Yantra

The Sri Chakra Yantra is an ancient symbol depicting the process of creation in a powerful matrix which represents both the macrocosm (the Universe) and the microcosm (the human body) thus acting as a powerful and cosmic antenna that allows you direct access to communicate with the Universe.

This book equips you with information and skills necessary to harness the tremendous cosmic energies available in the Universe and channelize it to make life’s dreams come true by presenting the Sri Chakra Yantra as a tool for self development.

The author has kept in mind sensibilities of the modern spiritual seeker’s needs and interests, presenting the information in a non-dogmatic and practical manner thereby allowing everyone an opportunity to learn and experience the benefits of the precious Sri Chakra Yantra.

Some astounding scientific findings about the immense potency of the Sri Chakra Yantra:

  • The geometric representation embodies many of the most sacred laws of the Universe including pi, the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Sequence
  • The sacred mantra “Om” when recorded on a tonoscope displays a pattern resembling the Sri Chakra Yantra
  • Just gazing intently at the Sri Chakra Yantra can induce a meditative, calm and relaxed state of mind according to EEG studies conducted by Russian scientists.
  • The pyramids of Egypt have the exact angular measurements as in the Sri Chakra Yantra
sri chakra yantra