Our program is designed to provide participants with techniques, habits, and training for lifelong health and wellness.

One of the major worries for business leaders today is to do with productivity and motivation of the work force. Without high levels of energy and enthusiasm, an organisation is never going to be able to reach its full potential.

Furthermore, a workplace with a noticeably low level of morale and sense of motivation can be off putting to potential employees and such companies may have difficulty in attracting and retaining talent. Wellness programs have the potential to change all of this. By focusing on the health and wellness of employees as a keystone habit, it is possible to create a knock on effect and alter the culture of the organisation. The reasoning is as follows: healthier workers are more productive, miss less days, have more energy and are less stressed.
When everyone is working together to achieve the same results, the wellness program will be a great success.

So, if you can help your employees to become healthier, you are not only helping them personally, but you are also creating a culture-change in your organisation.
Given the potential benefits of wellness programs to an organisation – decreased health costs, less absenteeism, increased productivity, boost to morale, there is no doubt that with the strategic implementation, companies stand to save money while increasing employee satisfaction.
Amara Corporate Health and Wellness is an endeavour to bring about an awareness of the best practices in health and wellness, including yoga-based exercise, mindfulness practices, and nutrition education so that your employees can learn to focus their attention, calm their minds, reduce stress, and think before reacting. 

With the help of these tools, employees are better able to develop the healthy habits

 that will allow them to overcome many of the obstacles that might hold them back in their careers and in their personal life.
Our program is designed to provide participants with techniques, habits, and training for lifelong health and wellness.The curriculum has three significant areas of focus for improving self-confidence, developing empathy toward others, building physical strength, and sharpening their minds:

Yoga-based exercises: movement, stretching, and muscular discipline exercises that help to strengthen both the body and mind Mindfulness: relaxation techniques centered on the breath, helping to focus on their work and develop the ability to respond appropriately to challenging situations
Nutrition: classes that teach the importance of eating foods that will boost their physical wellbeing and help them steer clear of lifestyle related ailments such as diabetes, hypertension and stress.
Contact us today to breathe a new life into your workplace, through our company wellness programs. Through our programs, you will notice employees around the workplace beginning to look, feel and work better. Nothing builds camaraderie in the workplace, like employees gathering to complete one goal: To achieve healthier, happier lifestyle behaviors.

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