It is our belief that disease prevention, health promotion and holistic approaches hold the key to the future of healthcare globally.

Amara Vedic Wellness is an endeavour to keep the Indian traditions outlined in the Vedas alive and to extend its benefits to the common man. It is our belief that disease prevention, health promotion and holistic approaches hold the key to the future of healthcare globally.

In the West, continuing growth in health services and funding is only producing marginal benefits to people’s health. This failure is due in part because the most significant diseases of the 21st century are different from those in the 20th century: communicable diseases, infections, general injuries, and accidental death are no longer the central concerns of the health care system, having been in most cases replaced by, and in other cases joined by, long-term conditions and non-communicable diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Western scientific medicine is less effective against the major diseases we are now facing. Cancer, heart disease, obesity, stress-related disorders are on the rise across the globe and Western medical doctors are increasingly turning towards alternative medical systems for solutions. Doctors now admit that patients are routinely overinvestigated and overmedicated. The primary emphasis is on treatment of the symptoms of disease, and is not based on the individual in totality. The patient's mind-body-spirit is not taken into consideration, thereby not assessing the root cause of the illness and merely palliating the symptom.
The team is guided by Vinita Rashinkar, a Wellness Expert with more than 15 years of experience in Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation and Counselling.

There is too little emphasis on prevention of disease. Most people don’t take care of themselves well enough, partially due to insufficient knowledge on how to prevent disease. Many people tend to eat too much and exercise too little. Many others have developed habits such as ignoring stress and anxiety, consumption of alcohol or tobacco, which have a direct impact on health and wellbeing.

Vedic wellness offers a new paradigm suitable for the longer-term conditions and chronic diseases we now face.

Perhaps the most important lesson Vedic Wellness has to teach is that our health is up to us. Every day of our lives, every hour of every day, we can, and do, choose either health or illness. When we choose wisely, nature rewards us with health and happiness. When we persistently choose unwisely, nature, in her wisdom, eventually sets us straight: She makes us sick and gives us a chance to rest and rethink our choices. Ayurveda provides insights into how to live one’s life in harmony with nature and natural laws and rhythms. 

Its practical side - specifically its guidelines for an intelligently regulated diet and daily routine,

 its techniques for stress management, and its exercises for increased fitness and alertness-help us take control of our lives and develop radiant health.

Taking a systematic approach to explore an individual’s lifestyle, family history, physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental, and psychosocial factors are vitally important to help uncover what is contributing to one’s health and/or disease state. Once this is understood a more individualized and targeted approach can be provided. 

This is not a one size fits all approach. For example, what is contributing to chronic headaches in one person may have a very different root cause in another person. 

The treatment approach would also therefore be very different. Additionally other healing modalities outside of a medical procedure or pharmaceutical drug may be a safer and less costly treatment option.

At Amara, it will be our mission to help lead you towards a sound body and equanimous mind combined with a tranquil spirit and help you in your quest to find meaning and fulfilment in life.
Our vision is to open a chain of wellness centres across the globe and the first step in this direction is the flagship centre is in Düsseldorf. Amara Vedic Wellness is the brainchild of a team of dedicated Indian professionals, each one a market leader in his/ her chosen field, ranging from an internationally acclaimed Architect and Designer to a Marketing and PR specialist.

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