“Sri Vidya begins where the current understanding of quantum physics ends”, say scholars about the mysterious and esoteric discipline that constitutes a major part of the Hindu school of thought called Tantra. 

Book-Sri Vidya

The Sri Vidya tradition aims to awaken the power of latent Feminine Energy present in all human beings by combining elements of knowledge, devotion and ritual.

Tantra, Mantra and Yantra of Sri Vidya

Book - Sri Vidya

In the Tantra tradition, the pursuit of enlightenment through Srividya practice is considered the pinnacle of human achievement.

Spiritual practice in Hinduism aims at seeking freedom from suffering and entails some degree of withdrawal from the material world. Sri Vidya, on the other hand offers the promise of both worldly pleasures and material gain (which means it can be practiced alongside a modern-day lifestyle) while keeping  eternal solace /liberation as its ultimate goal.

Studying Sri Vidya requires an understanding of many of the core principles of Hinduism. The book covers about diverse subjects such as Shaktism, Kundalini, Chakras, Karma, Sankhya and Yoga philosophies before embarking on the detailed discussion of Tantra, Mantra and Yantra. A study of Tantra enables the reader to establish the context, understand historical antecedents and also some of the philosophical concepts that get further clarified before exploring the more esoteric planes of the use of sound (Mantra) at both its gross and subtle levels and eventually seek the meaning of the Yantra, its formation, significance and power.

Sri Vidya

This book is directed at a general, curious and informed reader, not an academic or advanced Sri Vidya scholar. In presenting this discipline as a tool for self-development, the author has kept in mind the sensibilities, needs and interests of the modern spiritual seeker. Vinita says about her latest work: “The practice of Sri Vidya, which is a gradual learning process, often spanning a lifetime, has a profound influence on the way one sees life and helps one get ahead in both material and spiritual realms. A comprehensive knowledge of the system is not a prerequisite for the benefitting from the practice. Anyone with a genuine interest can begin by choosing a method that appeals to them from the various  practices listed in the book. A simple practice helps bring about, just as any other spiritual practice does –  clarity of thought, calmness, stability and the ability to manifest all desires while also promising liberation from the limiting bounds of the  ego and belief systems.